Unique dissolved oxygen measurement solution

The first fully autonomous oximeter for long-term stationary oxygen monitoring without maintenance.

Developed for fisheries, water managers and watershed managers.
How SmonOX works

Floats on the surface and measures dissolved oxygen, air temperature and water temperature


SmonOX measures dissolved oxygen in water, air temperature and water temperature. The probe is automatically cleaned and automatically calibrated.

Every hour during the day and night, it sends the measured values to the app and alerts you to unfavourable oxygen conditions via SMS or email.
Autonomous power supply is provided by a photovoltaic panel and a modern lithium battery.

Continuous measurement delivers the right data

Dissolved oxygen concentration is a key factor in the survival and growth of farmed fish. With climate change, oxygen deficiencies are becoming more frequent, especially in summer.
Based on the continuous knowledge of the dissolved oxygen concentration, you can optimise the feed ration and water aeration. This improves the efficiency of feed, electricity, manpower and vehicles.

Effective solutions

The required frequency and accuracy of dissolved oxygen measurements cannot be ensured in practice by portable instruments. Only constant continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen, water temperature and air temperature will allow you to manage your crews more efficiently.
The probe is automatically cleaned after each measurement and automatically calibrated every day.
Controlling SmonOX

Simple operation that everyone can handle

You activate the device with a single button, and you can track your readings and set up notifications in an app on your phone or computer.
SmonOX also sends information about its exact GPS location, battery charge status and device health. Its compact size and rugged design make it easy to deploy operationally wherever it is needed.
Autonomous power supply is provided by a photovoltaic panel and a modern lithium battery. The power of the panel allows the device to operate 24/7 even in low light conditions or in shaded areas.

Technical parameters of the SmonOX oximeter

Device parameters

  • Weight: 13.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 40 x 60 x 35 cm
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C to 50°C
  • GPS module
  • Communication interface: NB-IoT
  • Android/IOS app, web interface
  • Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic
  • EU-wide service and support

Dissolved oxygen probe

  • Range: 0 to 20 mg/L
  • Oxygen measurement accuracy: ± 1%
  • Resolution: 1% or 0.1 mg/L
  • Temperature compensation: automatic
  • Pressure: max. 7,5 Bar
  • Galvanic probe, Clark sensor
  • Automatic calibration 1x daily
  • Measurements are taken 40 cm below the water surface


  • Temperature range: -55°C to +63°C
  • Accuracy: ± 1°C
  • Resolution: 0.5°C
  • Air measured 20 cm above water level
  • Water measured 40 cm below the water surface


  • LiFePO4
  • Battery voltage: 12 V
  • Capacity: 6 Ah
  • Lifetime: 3 500 charging cycles

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SmonOX is developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by Smotech s. r. o.